Towing & Recovery Professionals of Iowa

Your Source for Professional Towing Services Since 1983

About TRPI

Towing and Recovery Professionals of Iowa (TRPI) is a division of the Iowa Motor Truck Association that represents the state's towing industry.  Formed in 1983, this professional organization is the only of its kind in the state of Iowa.

The mission of Towing and Recovery Professionals of Iowa is to be the recognized voice of the towing industry, helping represent its unique interests.  Towing and Recovery Professionals of Iowa are dedicated to safety and compliance and committed to professionalism and the on-going promotion of a positive image for the towing and recovery profession.

The founders of TRPI were leaders in the industry and had a vision of forming an organization that would work closely with regulators, enforcement officials and the motoring public to ensure Iowa's towing industry was always a vital component in highway safety in the state of Iowa.

Now, years later, the organization continues to thrive and that original vision is still the foundation of the organization's on-going success and commitment to professionalism.

TRPI is active in shaping public policy that will continue to make Iowa's roadways safe and efficient.  TRPI members are committed to being true professionals and are recognized because of their knowledge, understanding and compliance of the laws that govern their operations and roadside safety.

In addition to being a division of the Iowa Motor Truck Association, TRPI is also an active member and participate with the Towing and Recovery Association of America.