IMTA History

Promoting the Success of the Trucking Industry in Iowa.

1942 Twelve trucking executives representing three different organizations that were struggling to represent Iowa’s trucking industry came together and made the decision to form one association. Mr. John Ruan organized the meeting and by the end of the meeting, the Iowa Motor Truck Association was formed.
1955 IMTA is now recognized as a powerful and effective voice for the trucking industry at the State Capitol. The trucking industry comes under attack for ruining Iowa’s roads. IMTA invests association dollars in critical research to identify the structure of highway taxation in Iowa. As a result of that campaign, IMTA launches a PR campaign entitled, “Trucks Pay Their Fair Share”. This campaign would be in place for the next decade and was extremely successful in educating Iowans and lawmakers.
1967 IMTA celebrates its 25th anniversary and despite tremendous opposition, the association determined it needed to hold an annual “convention” in conjunction with this annual meeting. The inaugural convention debuted in 1962 and for the first time ever, there was a registration fee imposed. It was a tremendous success and is a tradition that remains yet today with the management conference that is held each September.
1980 The Motor Carrier Act passed and deregulation became a reality. IMTA leaders implemented an aggressive campaign opposing deregulation and even added a special assessment to the dues to cover the cost of the campaign. IMTA staff and board members hit the road and combed the state with press conferences and town hall meetings highlighting their concerns with deregulation of the trucking industry.
1987 The Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation was formed because of the shortage of qualified diesel mechanics and scholarship program was created to help further entice folks to get into diesel mechanic training programs.
1992 IMTA celebrates its 50th anniversary. A series of anniversary events are held throughout the year and throughout the state with the culmination of the celebration taking place in September with a three day event that was wildly successful.
1994 A land purchase agreement was signed for a parcel of land near the foot of the Iowa State Capitol. This part of Des Moines was very run down and considered to be a very “sketchy” part of the city. IMTA leaders faced criticism from the membership not only for the location but for pursuing building ownership.
1995 A final vote is made and IMTA moves forward with building a headquarters building and also implementing an aggressive fundraising campaign. Over $1,000,000 is raised in less than 10 months and the building is completed in 1996.
2008 Landmark “anti-indemnification” legislation is passed in Iowa. IMTA leaders began working on this effort in the summer months to educate lawmakers on the value of this legislation and the votes were easily secured for its passage during the 2008 legislative session. The same year, legislation was passed that allowed for 96,000 pounds on six axles to run on intrastate highways in Iowa. This controversial legislation highlighted the many differing opinions on truck productivity that were still prevalent in the industry.
2015 After three years of hard work and ongoing lobbying efforts, a 10 cent gas tax is passed in the 2015 legislative session. The last gas tax had been passed in 1989. The influx of money into the Road Fund allowed for work to continue almost immediately on many important road projects that had stalled because of a $225 million shortfall.