The Federal Register of March 31, 2016, carried a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking from the federal Internal Revenue Service proposing permanent rules for the 12 percent excise tax on the sale of trucks, trailers, and parts and for the federal tax on heavy tires. Read more


In 1994, Congress wrote a bill authorizing the Federal Aviation Administration. In addition to keeping our skies safe, that bill laid down an important principle for our industry: that the federal government — not individual states — should write rules for interstate trucking. Read more


The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has announced its annual International Roadcheck, which will take place June 7-9, will have a special emphasis on tire safety this year. Read more


The American Transportation Research Institute launched what it called the first detailed survey of truck parking based on reporting from drivers, with the aim of gaining insight into one of the industry’s most significant ongoing headaches. Read more


A group of 33 congressmen wants to block the recently proposed changes to the way the Department of Transportation formally rates trucking companies. Read more


On March 4, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released proposed modifications to their Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) requirements. The proposed changes are believed to strengthen current training requirements by mandating more substantial that must be completed before a driver receives their CDL. Read more


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has determined that vehicles included in Volvo Trucks' recent safety recall that have not been repaired should not be operated and are to be immediately placed out of service. Read more


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has indicated that motor carriers can fulfill driver medical certification recordkeeping requirements by including a printed screenshot from the State Driver’s Licensing Agency (SDLA) website in the driver qualification file, rather than a copy of the a driver’s motor vehicle record (MVR). Read more


The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration on March 25 made public its final rule intended to clarify, streamline and allow flexible regulatory requirements for return of hazardous materials from retailers back to manufacturers, suppliers and distribution facilities. Read more


Commercial truckers running shipments in or through California are facing mounting economic pressures from the state's regulatory and litigation climate that has targeted their way of doing business, experts say, driving companies to rethink their operations or pull out from the market. Read more

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