Member Benefits

IMTA Working For You

Your Legislative Voice
This is one of the most important jobs IMTA does for its members and we take this job very seriously. IMTA works closely with government officials and lawmakers to aggressively and effectively represent the interests of the trucking industry on both the state and national level.

Your Regulatory Advocate
The regulatory environment for the trucking industry is intense, ever changing and extremely demanding. Very few trucking companies have the staff or the resources to really stay on top of all the regulations and compliance demands which is where IMTA comes into play. Every day, time is dedicated to this important task. IMTA meets regularly with a number of regulatory agencies to foster a positive working environment, participates in meetings and information sessions in Iowa and on the national level to stay on top of everything.  Additionally IMTA actively monitors the Federal Register in an effort to be one step ahead of the onslaught of regulations that come our way.

Regulatory and Compliance Oversight & Assistance
IMTA has a staff with literally decades of experience and expertise with compliance, regulatory and operational issues – all of whom are only a phone call away.

Continual Communication
To ensure that IMTA members have the most up- to- date developments in the trucking industry, the IMTA maintains an extensive communications network to its members in a variety of different formats.

‚ÄčMembership Webinars
All members have the opportunity to participate in the monthly IMTA information webinars. Get the latest information on the hot topics from the comfort of your own office. This exclusive membership benefit enables members to stay informed and engaged in the issues that are impacting them all from the comfort of their own office.

Continued Education & Professional Development Opportunities
In addition to the FREE monthly webinars, IMTA members have access to a variety of additional educational programming throughout the year and often times, throughout the state. Each year, IMTA holds quarterly compliance seminars throughout the state as well as other sessions that are of value. In 2016, the educational series will feature sessions for cargo tank, hazmat, family business, and financial oversight.

Member Only Products & Services Discounts
Through its preferred partners program, IMTA can offer quality products and services with some of the best pricing around that will immediately impact your bottom line. We use our group purchasing power to receive discounts on a variety of products.

Awards & Recognition
IMTA hosts a number of programs that allow professionals within the industry to receive the recognition and attention they deserve for a job well done. Driver of the Year, Distinguished Safety Award, Fleet safety and maintenance awards, operations and dispatcher awards and much more. All you have to do is submit a nomination form.

Annual Management Conference & Annual Truck Driving Championship
Two premier events that members are encouraged and invited to attend. These two events do more to advance Iowa’s trucking industry than anything else we offer.

Unprecedented Networking Opportunities
The door for interaction with your peers, colleagues and competitors is always opened through the IMTA. Numerous events and activities are hosted by the IMTA throughout the year all over the state and all members are invited to attend. Many of these outreach activities cost you nothing…except your time… but we promise you it will be well worth it.