An Authorized IRS E-file Web site for HVUT Form 2290 Returns

Through the aid of an authorized IRS e-file provider, the Iowa Motor Truck Association has a Web site that was specifically designed for carriers to file Heavy Vehicle Use Tax returns.

The site -- -- offers any company operating trucks over 55,000 pounds a quick and simple method for filing the HVUT Form 2290 with the IRS at low, affordable rates. Benefits of filing through include: features some of the lowest prices available through any e-file provider that, coupled with the 10 percent discount IMTA members can receive off single vehicle returns, provides a premier option for any company filing Form 2290 returns online.

Carriers with 25 or more trucks -- required by the IRS to file electronically -- won't find a better value anywhere else and smaller carriers will appreciate the convenience e-filing presents over filling out and mailing paper returns or waiting in line at the IRS office.

If you have questions or need help filing your Form 2290 return, please contact Don Egli in the Iowa Motor Truck Association office at 515-244-5193 or