Government Relations

Legislative Victories That Matter

Passage of Gas/Fuel Tax Increase 
Monumental legislation that infused over $200 million into the road fund when a 10 cent tax increase was implemented on March 1, 2015. Good roads and bridges are important to trucking and now Iowa has the ability to continue to strengthen its infrastructure.

Passage of Anti-Indemnification Legislation
Historic legislation that significantly leveled the playing field between a shipper and a motor carrier.

Preserving the Rights of Independent Contractors
Every year, legislation is proposed that would jeopardize the independent contractors and IMTA continues to be successful in stopping this legislation.

Preserving the Road Fund
IMTA has successfully stopped several legislative proposals that would divert money out of the Iowa Road Fund. Iowa has constitutional protection that road fund money has to be spent on roads and bridges. As one of the watchdogs of this fund, IMTA takes this role seriously and actively stops any and all special interest groups that try to get to this money.

Defeated Ongoing Choice of Doctor Legislation
Periodically legislation surfaces that threatens to disrupt a system that has been working well for trucking. The proposed legislation wants to give the employee the right to choose any doctor anywhere for treatment on a workers comp claim. IMTA has successfully stopped Choice of Doctor legislation on a regular basis since this comes up almost every session.

Defeat of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Mandates
Each year, legislation is proposed that would require all insurance bought in Iowa to cover a laundry list of mental health issues and treatment programs. Some of the mental illnesses that have been proposed that employers would need to cover in their insurance have included; parent-child relational problems, sibling relational problems, occupational problems, anti-social behavior and malingering (calling in sick to work). IMTA has been part of a business coalition that has successfully defeated these proposals year after year.

Defeated Biodiesel Mandate
IMTA is opposed to all mandates and IMTA was successful in stopping several attempts to impose a biodiesel mandate in the State of Iowa.