Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation

IMCF Goal #3:  Create an Effective, Ongoing Image Campaign

The trucking industry always has and always will have an image issue simply because of the number of trucks on the road each and every day. Often times the PR effort is developed as a reactionary measure to bad publicity or a bad story specific to trucking. Too often, the trucking industry is defending itself and implementing a “defensive model of action”.

The Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation recognizes the importance of implementing a consistent, ongoing, pro-active image program to raise awareness and to create a positive perception of trucking.  The Foundation would like to implement an ongoing PR program that gives Iowa’s trucking industry a positive presence 365 days a year.  Iowa’s trucking industry has a great story to tell and we need to start telling our story NOW!


How will we accomplish this goal?

Be Proactive
Implement a program that creates a presence 365 days a year reminding the general public about the importance of trucking in their daily life.

Create a broad based, multi-dimensional and multi-faceted program.  Create programs that hit various niches with different messaging.

Constant and consistent messaging that keeps the trucking industry fresh in the minds of the target audience at all times.