Discounts From a Leading Innovator

A decision to upgrade to the highest quality EOBR technology can now reward you before your first piece of hardware is ever installed. All because of an agreement between the Iowa Motor Truck Association and PeopleNet that affords members of the IMTA discounts on products and services from one of the industry's leading innovators.

By merely being a member of the Iowa Motor Truck Association, carriers are capable of savings tens of thousands of dollars at the point of signing, and then countless amounts of money afterwards once your fleet is outfitted with PeopleNet's equipment.

And, as a bonus to your association, PeopleNet will provide a financial credit back to the IMTA for every unit ordered by members. This is an extra incentive aimed at helping you maintain a strong and healthy advocate for your business and Iowa's trucking industry.

Investing in your company's future gets no easier than this. You can create an ROI that saves money for years to come while generating additional capital for the organization that strives for nothing more than to see its members prosper.

Contact the Iowa Motor Truck Association now to get more details and become eligible to receive your discounts.


About PeopleNet

PeopleNet Communications Corporation is a privately held on-board computing and carrier fleet communications provider. Since the company's founding, PeopleNet has focused all of its energies on developing the best possible solutions for effective carrier fleet management – and customizing those solutions to meet the needs of its customers. PeopleNet's commitment to innovation and its customer-centric focus have made it a leading provider of on-board computing and mobile communications systems for long-haul fleets, with a performance track record that's second to none.