Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation

IMCF Goal #1:  Create a Bigger Scholarship Program

Since 1987, the scholarship program has been the strong and steady base of the foundation. Since the first scholarships were awarded in 1989, the Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation has awarded $180,000 to 223 scholarship recipients. The first scholarships were in the amount of $250 and are now at $1000.

The seed money for the scholarship program was provided by Ziegler/CAT and Cummins Central Power. These endowed scholarships have enabled the Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation to invest in legions of young Iowans that have gone on to pursue continued education at a college or university in the State of Iowa.


How will we accomplish this goal?

Internship/Apprenticeship/Scholarship Program
Establish a program that combines on the job training and experience with scholarship dollars. Focus on the upper classman college students to offer them an opportunity to work in a trucking company and also get financial support for their college education. The program will include scholarships ranging from $2500 to $10,000 and offer employment upon graduation.

Establish a Scholarship Program Targeted Specifically at Truck Drivers
As the driver shortage continues to be an issue, the Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation would like to set up a scholarship program specific to potential truck drivers. Working with the community colleges, IMCF would like to be able to partner potential students with motor carrier members and offer a variety of scholarships to make the training and hiring process more beneficial to Iowa’s motor carrier industry

Expand our Endowed Scholarships
IMCF will continue to offer endowed scholarships to the members who want to honor the memory of a loved one or offer a scholarship in the name of their company.  The current endowed scholarships include: