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TRPI Membership Benefits

Become a member of Towing and Recovery Professionals of Iowa and take advantage of the many benefits afforded to its membership.

Membership Meetings

TRPI members are invited to attend meetings that feature an educational session that will impact your business immediately.  A variety of topics and speakers will be the highlight of these meetings.  More importantly, these sessions enable towing and recovery members to network with other towers from across the state of Iowa.  There is no charge to attend these meetings and educational sessions.


Information is power and in this fast-paced world instant access to information is critical.  To ensure TRPI members have the most up-to-date developments in the towing industry and in the business environment as a whole, TRPI maintains an extensive communications network.  When there's information to be had, you get it in a variety of formats:

Regulatory Service

Call us first!  TRPI members have access to a full-time Director of Safety by calling (515) 244-5193.  Don't waste your time calling anyone else to hunt down an answer because, chances are, we can provide the correct answer the first time!


The Iowa Motor Truck Association helps serve TRPI as the voice of Iowa's towing industry and we take this job very seriously.  The IMTA is always in the forefront of legislative, regulatory and media fights for the benefit of its members and divisions.

Legislative Representation

All of Iowa's towing interestes are continually monitored on the state and national levels.  What is decided at the statehouse can have a major impact on your business.  TRPI also works with city and county officials to educate them on the towing issues that impact these areas, implementing grassroots campaign strategies and an annual Day at the Capitol to ensure the interests of TRPI members are being represented in a highly professional manner.

Networking Opportunities

In addition to the quarterly TRPI meetings, the Iowa Motor Truck Association opens the door for interaction among industry peers.  Between the association's annual management conference, truck driving championships and other inclusive events, your opportunities to connect with industry leaders, decision makers, current customers and potential customers are limitless.

To join or get more information about becoming a TRPI member, please contact the IMTA Office at (515) 244-5193.